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Boards & Commissions

Most of the City of Plano's standing board, commission, and committee appointments are made during the annual process (July through September). Applications may be submitted at any time and will be considered should openings occur during the year. In addition to boards and commissions, the City Council may, from time to time, appoint short term committees for special purposes. 

We ask that you carefully read the Boards and Commissions Overview and think about "How can I get involved to help the community?"If you are interested in contributing to the community, we eagerly await submission of your application. Please feel free to contact the City Secretary's Office or any Council member for additional information. 


All appointees to City of Plano boards, commissions, and committees must be residents of the City of Plano for at least 12 months. Current and valid voter registration is also required. Applicants for final decision making boards cannot have financial interest in a contract with the City. All Council appointed board, commission, and committee members adhere to a Code of Conduct.

All appointments are made at the discretion of the City Council. In general, it is the Council's policy to appoint persons to a maximum of two terms on any board, commission or committee. Members who do not maintain at least 75% attendance of regular meetings may be removed from office. For additional information, please contact the City Secretary's Office.

Application & Documents

Please click here visit the website for current applications & documents.

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