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Who is the camp for and why?

The camp is for 7th and 8th grade students who live in Collin County. Students must live in Collin County because this is the geographic area the NAACP branch services.

What will be taught at the camp and what will you do?

This week-long course aims to introduce middle schoolers to the vibrant tapestry of Black history, highlighting key figures, events, and cultural contributions that have shaped the world. Through engaging activities, discussions, multimedia presentations, and creative projects, students will explore the resilience, achievements, and ongoing legacy of Black individuals and communities. The learning experience will culminate with an option field trip to see living history and have an immersive experience with their living Black History.

When is the camp and how long are the classes?

Sessions are July 22-July 27, 2024. Each day class will start promptly at 9 am and end at 3pm. Transportation or after-school care is not provided. Healthy breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks will be served.


Where is the school?

Sessions will take place in east Plano. Location will be shared once applications are accepted. There is an (optional) field trip during the week of school. Details will be shared in the welcome packet at orientation.


How much does it cost?

Freedom school application is required but the program is free to students. Due to the generous donations of various community partners, Collin County NAACP was able to remove costs to students and their families. As a result of funding, there will be limited capacity.  We ask that you consult your summer calendar before committing to participation in Freedom School. It would be a terrible waste of resources to hold a spot for a student who ends up being absent from the school.


Why is it only for 7th and 8th graders and how many students are in the school?

Hosting a summer program is a big undertaking and we are dedicated to giving it our best effort. This initial cohort will have small classes and only two grades. Our goal is to expand and scale the program each summer.  All lessons and activities are grade level appropriate, and the curriculum aligns with Texas Education Agency and TEKS learning goals. Because our staff includes several experienced History teachers, it was easiest to start with this age group.


Who is teaching the classes?

Our team comprises dedicated educators, historians, artists, and counselors who are passionate about Black history and youth development. Each staff member is also a member of the Collin County NAACP. All presenters are seasoned professionals in their respective fields. You will have an opportunity to meet staff and branch leadership at orientation.


Why is teaching Black history so important and why are you hosting this school?

Tremendous gaps would be left in the plot of the creation of civilization around the world without Black history. The advancement of society across the globe has relied upon and been driven by the significant contributions of Black people, and it is imperative that all children know that.  Given the current political climate in Texas, the attacks on ethnic studies and the dismantling of DEI initiatives, it’s even more urgent to combat the misinformation and revisionists versions of Black history. As one of the oldest civil rights organizations, the NAACP sees it as our responsibility to advocate for and protect the legacy of the Black experience.


How can I support the mission of the freedom school?

You can support Freedom School by first supporting your student. Take a moment to discuss the course lessons and experiences. Ask them to recount the skills and objectives learned, unpack the impact of the overall themes, and encourage further exploration of topics. Also inquire about their emotions as they explore and process the Black experience.  You can also help by becoming a member of the branch and volunteering on a committee. Think about an issue you are passionate about and I’m sure we have a related committee that could use your time and talent. Please ask a school leader for details on getting involved.

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